Monday, August 25, 2008

Joey Cape & Tony Sly - Acoustic

Joey Cape & Tony Sly - Acoustic

1.International You Day - (with Tony Sly)
2.Not Your Savior - (with Tony Sly)
3.Exit - (with Tony Sly)
4.Stunt Double - (previously unreleased, with Tony Sly)
5.Justified Black Eye - (with Tony Sly)
6.On the Outside - (with Tony Sly)
7.Move the Car - (with Joey Cape)
8.Violins - (with Joey Cape)
9.Tragic Vision - (with Joey Cape)
10.Twenty-Seven - (with Joey Cape)
11.Wind in Your Sails - (with Joey Cape)
12.Violet - (previously unreleased, with Joey Cape)

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